Tips to Safe Online Chatting With Strangers

Chatting with the stranger is one of the great option. Many apps are available out there that allows you to chat with the stranger .However ,Online chatting can be a dangerous pastime.In order to never face a single issue, you have to focus on some of key tips which will eradicate almost every single issue and keep you in safe side.So here are few safety tips use them wisely.

Don’t Share Personal Media:

We recommend  you not to share your personal facebook , whatsapp , instagram or other apps account with the strangers after meeting them for the first time.Some people start sharing pictures and their videos.Later on, It can drive you to the worst issues

Use Common sense more than heart:

Sometimes  you think that the person / stranger you are talking  to is good and sincere  and may be they are , but you need to know is how to protect yourself from the all kind of online risks or danger and for this you have to listen to your mind , not your heart .So don’t  share your residential  address or contacts with any stranger it can let someone go behind you and even they can try to approach  you.

Don’t meet until it’s been so long :

If after a short period of  conversation  you feel that you should meet to the person privately so you should choose a place where people are more  likely to be,such as parks , restaurants and other public  places.These are safe to go and you don’t have to worry about a safety issue.

Protect Your Identity:

Don’t choose an online ID that uses your real name, and never give any information during a chat that can be used to identify or locate you. This includes your last name, photos of you, what school you go to, where you hang out, and locational information.

Trust No One:

It’s absolutely fine to chat with your friends online, but know that people online are sometimes not who they say they are, so you should never meet anyone in person who you only know online. Even if you’re sure you know who someone is, remember that predators are really good at creating personas to deceive you.

Updated: January 30, 2020 — 1:52 pm

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